Babies (5 months – 1 year)

We understand that it is a difficult step for any Mom and Dad to hand over the care of their baby for the first time. Babies adapt really well to new situations and surroundings, and they will learn to settle in and trust our dedicated carers very quickly.
  • We will encourage your baby to settle into their new environment, and we will assist you in whatever way possible.
  • Our carers will communicate with you and inform you of the different aspects of our care. We will try to accommodate for your special requests if at all possible.
  • The bright and spacious design of the baby room enables our team to give each baby the individual care and attention they need at such an early stage.
  • Each baby has their own cot in our separate sleep room.
  • All the bed clothes are washed and dried in our Laundry Room.
  • The babies have their own separate nappy changing room.
  • We provide you with a diary detailing a daily report of all sleeping, nappy-changing, nutrition, medical administration etc so that you can monitor your baby’s routine closely.