Wobblers (1 year – 2 years)

Your baby will join our Wobbler Room as they begin to find their feet. When your baby is at this stage of development, they usually require a more stimulating environment, and our Wobbler Room provides just this.
  • During your baby’s time in the Wobbler Room, they will be exposed to stimulating activities to encourage their newly found co-ordination skills
  • The routines in this room will be more structured and are based on a programme of play, art and craft, sensory developmental activities etc.
  • Your baby’s sleep in a separate sleep room and also have a separate nappy changing room. All of the bed clothes are washed and dried in our Laundry room.
  • We provide you with a diary detailing a daily report of all sleeping, nappy-changing, nutrition, medical administration etc so that you can monitor your baby’s routine closely.